• Far range shoots are now less powerful!
  • S01E02 “Arch Model” available (10 XT points)
  • Arch: new ammo added: tracking bullets
  • Arch: improved radar: proximity + relative altitude
  • “Helper bot” added when stuck on a specific stage
  • S01E02 /stage 4: bomb waste bug cleared
  • You can easily select your ship when docked
  • Separate discussion channels for each stages
  • More explicit ship details (damage/sec)
  • Auto relocation when logging onto another account
  • Full + multi screen mode stability improved
  • Free trial version added + Paypal registration
  • New hints added + tutorial can be resetted
  • New shadow shading / far shadow problem fixed
  • CPU usage optimisations
  • Explicit/ green/ big titles on help pages ^^
  • Tutorial can be by-passed
  • S01E01 stages redesigned to be a little easier!
  • And a lot of small fixes…

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