0.5.201 (unreleased)



  • Public chan available [ENTER]
  • Gate to Episode 2 added.
  • S01E02 areas added
  • New skybox
  • Particles system for ground detail
  • HUGE client/server bug fixed (locked ships angles)
  • Enhanced foreign keyboard layout detection
  • Increased FPS
  • Let’s play mode [F8] hides players name
  • S01E01 clusters relook
  • Display counter of remaining stage’s dots
  • “Last second no fire” bug fixed
  • Better server’s instance creation (extra players need)



First feedback update. Many thanks to everyone involved!

  • 2 new control mode (drive by mouse available)
  • simplified control mode available (yaw/pitch only)
  • improved control description pages
  • the minimal graphic mode is even mode minimal (no clouds)
  • passwords are now wildcarded
  • keyboard layout compatibility improved
  • right mouse button = zoom (on keyboard mode)
  • massive updater bug fixed
  • important messages are more visible (big/bottom)
  • config menu is now available during game
  • improved text formatting
  • numeric keys available for left handed players
  • reduced window’s lag side effects (screen capture friendly)