The reality


This devblog is mainly picture based and might give the wrong impression that most parts of the work are graphical stuffs.

As a matter of fact, my main efforts are focused on bringing a nice online experience. For example to spot (and flush) “away from keyboard” players. Or to statistically build the best combat groups with the almost exact number of needed players on each stage.

So instead, this picture is a better way to describe what 75% of my work is composed of, to make HK a fine clockwork.

The Cuban 8


There was still a couple of bezier curves interpolation issues with my game. Determined to fix this once and for all, I found the perfect debug test with the cuban eight maneuver (thanks the Internet).

I’ve wrestled my data until it was eventually possible to see this figure performed by another player. Wrapping of angles is now perfectly performed!

So that’s now fixed. So I can go sleep.

2 days later

2015 03 05

I’ve spent TWO days on my water problem. Day 1 : impossible to find what was wrong with my fragment shader. So day 2 : I decided to prepare a new shader from scratch.

Good news: my new shader looks better and work identically on AMD / INTEL / NVIDIA.

Side effect: I finally found what the first problem was. Not the shader itself (of course not……..) but simply the environment texture. It looks like there is a very slight difference with Nvidia Cubic texture sampler.

Anyway, problem solved.

Killing me softly

2015 03 03 a

The most exasperating thing even: when your game doesn’t work the same on two different computers. In this case, my water shader fail with a Nvidia card. While it runs with any cheap Intel Graphics… yep, exasperating.

That may not sound like a severe issue… but in that case I don’t know at all why / where / from what / about what / who / how… I simply don’t know nothing, and it could lead to other things… other problems…