Postcard from HK

2014 11 08 b

Sometimes the most little thing can be devil.

Webmasters: you have all experienced that day with encoding hell where there’s something wrong between php/ database/ browser. Especially if you’re working with foreign multibytes languages (mais o%? sont encore pass%#es mes accents fran%@ais).

It can be quite frustrating. But when you add Visual Studio + Ogre + UTF8 code points in the loop… that might be the worst day of your life.

Anyway good news: I’ve now found where my flying pointer was coming from.

Multiplayer 94.8%


8 players, 94.8% accuracy. That’s better and better.

What frighten me more is some oddities with rendered angles through bezier curves. Cleary, my fault. But which one?

I’m reading pages and pages and pages of logged angle interpolations from a battle. It’s not going to be the most fun thing to debug of my life. Nope. Need black coffee help.