2014 09 17

Picture: Guibes is the GUI interface I’ve created for IUBES (hence the name of this class). Welcome back!

FYI I’m still thinking a lot about my “Breaking Bad” HK. Things are more and more clear. Here’s my current roadmap:

SEASON 01 will be “The Academy”: integration of new players to learn how to fight. That will perfectly fit the original PvE / shoot’em’up idea. An “extremely” long tutorial. Like for real, a couple of weeks of training before going further.

SEASON 02 will bring PvP. A kind of “Top Gun” school where pilots will play team battles. You have to deserve your place!

SEASON 03 will lead to the “Battlefield” all of those trained pilots. You’re ready for war. It utterly means that there won’t be any newbe player on real combats.

SEASON 04 enough with dogfight? This season could be a massive break in the gameplay. You have been promoted to officer and have to strategically lead S03 players through the frontline…

Of course it’s not a revolution, but there’s definitely something new in the game sequencing: nothing is offered on a silver plate anymore. You want to play this battlefield game? Then you’ll have to work hard!

Back to work

2014 09 12

I let this project with a boring flat maps design problem. That’s simply because I’m not familiar with aerial views in everyday life. Sure. I have rethought my scenes: it’s not a problem of “going up”, I must think of what goes down!