Closed beta!?


Big time! After a lot of thoughts I’ve decided to switch back HK to closed beta. No more download, no more new players! Sorry guys, but I want to avoid involving more players before the next massive update which will change almost everything here.

More news to follow very soon^^



  • Episode 1 shifted to Episode 2 (and Episode 2 -> Episode 3)
  • New Episode 1 waaay more easy
  • Episode 3 is now 3+1 stages long (as every episode)
  • Server PPF system fully checked & completed
  • Upgraded shots power vs distance
  • Ammo 3 upgrades are now +25 shots
  • XP gains rebalanced
  • Last sample (succeeded stage) is now given in any case
  • Efficiency counter (%) added
  • Maximum graphics settings mode optimized
  • A couple of FX have been added (air particles, ship crash smoke, …)
  • Sound fx added (sample collected, very relevant)
  • Debug tutorial deadlock
  • New help page (“go to gate S01E02”)
  • Redesigned “test area” (“north pole”)
  • Gate to go hilighted (e.g. proceed to next gate)
  • And a couple of small fixes…


  • Instancing system upgraded (should fit better for low level newcomers)
  • x2 stage cleared bonus now available to the whole group (even after a ship destruction)
  • Upgraded scanner now available since the Mikron ship
  • Fire impact displays added
  • Side displacement displays added
  • Enhanced AFK players filter
  • Enhanced “helper bot” (which in fact, is not a “bot” but a high level player cloned from another stage…)



  • New controls: FPS MODE! with horiz/vertical straffing.
  • Gun mode @ Right Mouse Button
  • Gravity & stabilizers rewritten
  • Negative speed visible on HUD (red colour)
  • OIS.dll discarded (play on Linux issue)
  • Slight hud enhancements
  • New up/down frontier limiter (smoother)
  • Focus % indicator is now % damages
  • Faster score page updates